Isfahan Petrochemical Joint Stock Company, the first manufacturer of aromatic products in Iran, is one of the national and important projects of the first decade of the revolution. The xylene mixture has joined the country's production units. This complex is one of the infrastructure units of the country and its products are used as feed for downstream industries such as detergents, plastics, and 3 fibers.
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central building:Isfahan Petrochemical Complex - 5 km Azadegan Highway - Exclusive Petrochemical Boulevard
post box: 313-81395           Phone: 03133922000           Fax: 03133922681
Tehran Office: No. 1, Shahid Abbaspour Square, Tavanir St., Shahid Abbaspour St., Tehran
post box: 1434864973        Phone: 02188883939         Fax: 02188882039 
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