Policy Management
The Management of the Esfahan Petrochemical Company has, since the earliest stages of design and construction of the plant, paid due attention to preserving the environment, to improving the quality of its products, process, and services, performance, and to observing occupational health and safety considerations. To that end, while striving to maintain and improve the currently implemented systems, namely Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, I herewith declare our targets-which shall be periodically reviewed-as follows:
  • Performing all activities and mandates cited in our company's vision and mission statement by appropriate planning and investment on relevant projects.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by improving the quality of our processes, products and services.
  • Prevention and control of any environmental pollution expected from company's activities/processes and avoiding any wastage of energy.
  • Making our systems and activities safe and secure, in order to reduce and control workplace risks and operational hazards in the plant area.
Undersigned require our employees in all levels, to fully concept and follow their organizational values, vision, mission and the requirements of this policy statement; to perform according to their documented procedures and work instructions; to demonstrate great endeavor and triumph in doing their duties their company meet the following obligations:
  • Continual improvement of Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems.
  • Observance of all laws and regulations governing the above mentioned systems.
  • Playing attention to comments made by interested parties such as customers, suppliers, and the community.
While re-emphasizing the necessity of full observance and consideration of the requirements of all management systems, I appoint the production manager as my fully authorized representative to ensure that this policy is deeply understood, followed and maintained in all organizational levels of the company.

Implementation Of Management Systems

Management System Scope Certificate Date Certified By Accreditation Body Country Ranking
Quality Management
System (Iso 9001:2000)
Production Of All Products 10 Feb. 1997 S.G.S Yarsley
Ukas The First Company In N.P.C.
Environmental Management System
(Iso 14001)
The Whole Company 30 May 1998 S.G.S
The First In NPC& Fourth In Iran
Suggestion System The Whole Company

June. 1999
Occupational Health & Safety
(Ohsas 18001)
Production Of All Products Final Audit 6,7,8 May 2001 S.G.S S.G.S
Jun. 2001
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