Productivity Improvement Projects

Productivity Improvement Projects (Done)
1 Computerized Maintenance Management System
2 Implementation of Administrative Automation System
3 Generation of computerized financial system
4 Generation of computerized system for procurement, storekeeping and stock
5 Generation of computerized system for production control and planning
6 Development of Communication System with Shareholders
7 Implementation of BPM & BSC System
8 Installing Fire Extinguishing System for Turbo Generators Oil Units
9 Modifying Welding Workshop Ventilation System
10 Development of Hygienic, Safety and Ergonomic System
11 Extension of Forested Area
12 Replacing Hydrazine by another Chemical with a Lower Risk
13 Identifying Sensitive Parts of Society Exposed to EPC Activities
14 Implementing the QCC System
15 Improvement of Ergonomic Conditions in the Complex
16 General Study and Investigation for Lowering Nitrogen Consumption in the Complex
17 Establishing the Social and Cultural Premises in Zayanderood village (Chadegan)

Productivity Improvement Projects (Under Progress)
1 Extension of benchmarking
2 Improvement of education system
3 Implementation of TPM
4 Establishing of plan for job categorization, organization path and preferement
5 Establishing of required equipments for generating D.M water by R.O technology
6 Establishing of technology management system
7 Project portfolio management
8 Generation of comprehensive employing software
9 Preferment of complex internal & external websites and ‍C.R.M

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